Gabe Romero

Height: 6’
Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde
Location: Hollywood, CA
Willing to travel

Born and raised in the south, Gabe Romero found a passion for story telling at an early age. The art form handed down to him from his grandfather, a Cuban immigrant, stuck with him as he weaved through the world of theater, into the universe of student films and landing his way into the Indy market as he arrived in Hollywood California in 2007. This love of story telling moved through him in his acting and transitioned into his writing. He has written a feature length screenplay, helped create a spec multi-camera pilot, and co-produced several web series. He is now exploring the craft as a director  and editor. His first short film was A Night In. Having worked diligently on these projects, Gabe also founded his own production company, Poor Fish Entertainment, and has built a foundation for his own future endeavors but also those of his colleagues. His eagerness for storytelling has propelled him from his quaint southern beginnings into an endless array of choices, of which the industry is sure to take note.

2010 - present

2010 - present