Production Credits

Gabe Romero

"I have known him for several years, had the pleasure of working with him in a few different capacities, and I can say that he is also a lot of fun to be around."


Rick Segall


A Night In        Writer/Director    Poor Fish Entertainment   Short Film
Minimenze       Writer/Director    Poor Fish Entertainment   Short Film



Quick As a Cup of Coffee    Director                     Poor Fish Entertainment       Web Ad
Rough Start                        Writer/Director            Poor Fish Entertainment       Web Ad
Vote Hollywood                   Producer/Director       Poor Fish Entertainment       Web Series
Your Spot My Spot              Director/Editor            Poor Fish Entertainment      Web Series

                                                                          & Slide Rule Productions    

The Queens Exchange        Director                      Sypher Arts Studio              Web Series (Single Episode)

Return to Court                   Writer/Producer           Sypher Arts Studio              Web Series (Single Episode)

Debriefing                           Writer/Producer          Sypher Arts Studio              Web Series (Single Episode)

The Comedy Project           Executive Producer     Poor Fish Entertainment      Web Series
Bittersweet                        Executive Producer      Windwriter Productions        Web Series

2010 - present


The Call Sheet            Co-Host                 Skidrow Studios                    Radio Show
Peanut Butter Radio    Writer/Production    Savannah Actor's Theatre      Podcast


2010 - present

Rocky Horror Live              Box Office Manager             Savannah Actor's Theatre

The Ides of March              Writer/Producer                   The Century Players
Brevity is the Soul of Wit    Writer/Production                 The Century Players


Full Sail University             Digital Cinematography              September 2014

Bachelor's Degree