When do we roll!

These are examples of my work either directing, editing, producing or writing. In most cases it was a few of those.

Melanie Nolen Acting Reel

This was shot for a client who needed a good reel quickly. We shot four scenes in five hours and the rough cut was done in five days. The final cut was done two days later.

Credits: Cinematographer & Editor

A Night In Behind the Scenes

We had so much fun making my short film that I wanted to show everyone.

Credits: Producer & Editor

Vote Noir

This was the first in our voting PSA series. The idea was simply to remind people to make it out to the polls.​​

Credits: Producer & Editor

City of Dreams

This is a very short video I did with people who left home and moved to Los Angeles to persue thier dreams.​


Credits: Producer, Cinematographer & Editor

Jenna Angeloni Reel

This is a reel I cut together for an actor using all her own footage. She's really talented so there was a great deal to sift through.
Credits: Editor

Quick As A Cup of Coffee

This was a spec commercial shot for a client who had developed an app for giving to nonprofit orgaizations.

Credits: Producer, Director, Cinematographer & Editor

Vote Suspense

This was the second in that series. Each of these videos was shot in under three hours and cut in as much time.​

Credits: Producer & Editor

Velvet Martini Sizzle Reel

This is a sizzle reel cut together from footage of a live show for the burlesque troupe Velvet Martini. 

Credits: Cinematographer & Editor

The Queen's Exchange

This was a dance video that I was commissioned to direct for the Sypher Arts Studio. I worked closely with the choreographer and creative director for the SAS in order to create a video that would feature the dancers, tell a story and fit it into a series.

Credits: Producer & Director